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As we embark on this journey together you might be feeling a range of emotions, from anxiety to excitement, confusion to confidence. We’ll work with all of it. Those feelings are fuel, and they’ll help drive you to where you want to be.
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    Recap of The Upcoming Training Event Agenda 

    Swankiest Brunch:   [12:30noon to 2:00pm]
    Live In Villa Experience SOUL Experience 
    In this brunch session you'll be at a kinda dream getaway to “find yourself.” You’ll be making space to dig into your soul as we journey the day. And the food is planned to be soulfully delicious.
    SESSION 1:   [4:00pm to 5:00pm] Live & Private Streaming 
    Shift Your Perspective To Get Soul Centered,Turn On Your Soul - and Raise Your Energy
    In our Intimate setting Lori will guide you with "Soul Tools" in figuring out who you really are on a soul level and what you stand for in this BIG beautiful opportunity called LIFE. We’re building a soulful foundation for you
    to grow from,so do your best to make it strong and sturdy.
    SESSION TWO:   [5:15:00pm to 6:00pm]
    Boost Your Mastery Soul Skills To Make The Right BIG Moves
    In this power-packed session Lori will help you discover how to use what we call your "SOUL STORIES" a skill that has been within you, and one rarely used  or you didn't know you had to create some SUPER amazing strong and powerful assestments that are guaranteed to help you make the right next BIG Moves count.
    SESSION THREE :   [6:15pm-7:00pm]
    Push Your Limits & Get Souful Insight on Your Power Play
    In this high energy session you'll explore growth tactics that give you the opportunity to strategically harness your ambitions, and actually fit your SOUL level strengths and giving you the best possible opportunity for successful outcomes. The mission is for you to succeed BIG this time.
    SESSION FOUR :   [7:15:00pm-8:00pm]
    Create The Soul Winning Plan 
    In this visual session you will learn how to use the CORE soulful innovation,creativity, ingenunity and passion to make your next BIG move FIRE. 
    Will Include : 4 Hours Of Face To Face Training | Soul Winning 30 Page Workbook  | RESOURCES | Surprises
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